If you want to start a home based business in elder care, you can earn an excellent income. Also, you can be sure that you will make some new friends happy.

Here is a new type of elder care business which is based on telephone contact. In this elder care business, you telephone the elderly persons on a daily basis. You find out how they are and what they need. You are paid by the children and family of these elderly people to keep in touch with them. If there is anything they need or want, it is up to you to get in touch with the family and let them know.

In an emergency, your job is to call the rescue squad and have them brought to hospital.

A blind war veteran, who is a friend, ran this type of business and loved his work. He was well paid, but he said the best part of the business was calling his people every day. They became his friends and they waited for his call. He said that he had to call them at about the same time each day because he knew they were waiting by the telephone. Some waited for his call before they sat down to eat their food.

Here are some tips to help you in this home based business:

Have the client, which is the family, sign your contract. Payment must be made in advance. There should be a 6-month to one year minimum engagement of your service.

Tell the family the exact services you offer. Your contact with the elderly persons should mostly be limited to the telephone as you will have many phone calls to make to other people throughout the day. If any of the elderly persons live near you, you can arrange with the family to go to meet them, of course.

You should be able to contact the family by phone. Ask the family for other persons you can call in case they are away.

At the end of each month, give the family an update.

It is important to have contact information for persons living near the elderly person. They may be friends and relatives as well as doctors, pharmacists, religious persons and social workers.

A very good telephone system with call forwarding is indispensable for this business. A filing system, either on your computer or in a file cabinet is helpful. The family may want to see your files. You also may need them to prove your expenses at tax time.

Since your clients are the family of elderly persons, it is important to advertise your service where they will see it. Notices in supermarkets, libraries, and apartment buildings as well as classified ads across the country will help get the word out. Also, post an ad with the National Family Caregivers Association.

If you enjoy helping others while you make money, this may be the right home based business for you. When you start a home based business in elder care, you become the loyal friend of some extraordinary people who are waiting to hear from you. For many people, you may be their only lifeline.

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